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Video Player

updated on June 21st 2019

The player is the most important tool used for video and audio streaming; this is where it interact with viewers; it was configure properly to address the viwer's expectations. The following describes the features of the player.

video player

Player Actions

  • Theater Mode
  • You could switch to theater mode by clicking the second second icon from right to left in the bottom right hand corner of the player.

  • Full Screen Mode
  • Select the full screen icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the player, you could toggle full screen "on and off" or by pressing the escape (esc) button located in your computer keyboard.

    player full screen

  • Video Quality
  • Adjust the quality of the video using the setting icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the player.

  • Like & Dislike
  • The player was configured to meet the user's request accordingly, viwers could choose whether or not to like or dislike a video by selecting the thumbs up or thumbs down icon located below the bottom right hand of the player.However you must sign in to access this feature.

  • Subscribe & Follow
  • Select the subscribe button to follow a particular user to receive update whenever this user has uploaded a video.

  • Views
  • The eye icon located at the bottom left hand side below the player let you know how many times a video has been watched or played.

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